International One Week Deepening Retreat with Acem's Founder

Samstag 13 Juli 2024, 18:00
Samstag 20 Juli 2024, 14:00

A deepening retreat offers the possibility to experience the full effect of Acem Meditation, leading to essential changes in your meditative process and in everyday life.

You can check in from 15:00 and meditate in your own room.

A deepening retreat is suitable for Acem meditators who already have some experience with long meditations and who want to practise meditations of more than six hours.

Long meditations

A deepening retreat gives you an opportunity for daily long meditations of at least six hours. The retreat will focus on how to enhance your meditation. All activity under the course of the day is designed to stimulate the deeper meditative process.

Guidance groups

The long hours of silence are followed by daily process-oriented guidance groups led by experienced meditation guides, in order to maximise the results of long meditations.

Seminars with Dr Are Holen

The retreat includes interactive seminars with Acem’s founder Dr. Are Holen, based on questions from participants. Dr. Holen is a highly respected lecturer and meditation guide, known for his ability to speak directly to the needs of the
audience. He is the main driving force behind the development of Acem’s unique psychology of meditation. His seminars will resolve challenges from the long meditations and discuss the experience from meditative, psychological, and existential angles. All seminars will be in English. By training, Dr. Holen is both a physician and psychologist. An internationally renowned stress researcher, he is professor emeritus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Walk and talk

There will be ample time for walks in the beautiful surrounding areas. Some of the walking time is combined with one-on-one discussions of themes and issues from your meditation.


Daily sessions of basic Acem Yoga have a refreshing effect and facilitate the practice of long meditations.

Typical daily programme

0730 - 0830: Breakfast, exercise
0830 - 1530: Silence for meditation
1530 - 1600: Pause
1600 - 1730: Process guidance
1745 - 1830: Yoga
1845 - 1945: Dinner
2000 - 2130: Seminar
2130 - 2200: Technical group
2200 - 2300: Walk and talk

In order to take part in a deepening retreat you need to:

  • have regular meditation habits
  • have at least 20 hours of long meditations above the three-hour limit from a weeklong retreat of Acem Meditation
  • intend to take part in the entire retreat, from beginning to end

Acem International Retreat Centre at Halvorsbøle is situated outside Oslo in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Most of the rooms have a direct view of the Randsfjord lake.

You may combine this retreat with the International Summer Retreat in the week before and pay a discounted fee by registering via the Two-Week International Regular and Deepening Retreat.
You may also combine this retreat with the International Deepening Retreat in the following week and pay a discounted fee by registering via the Two-Week International Deepening Retreat.
For other retreats, see the dates on our calendar.
For people with ample experience from deepening retreats, Acem also arranges advanced deepening retreats.

Samstag 13 Juli 2024, 18:00
Samstag 20 Juli 2024, 14:00

Online registration

Regular fee - NOK 10.900,-

Full-time student - NOK 8.720,-

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Student fee is only available to full-time students aged 35 years or less. Full-time students under 30 years of age can apply for student scholarship.

An alternative registration and payment method is described on the practical information page.

Cancellation deadline: July 8.

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Kurstyp: Vertiefungs-Retreats

Der Kurs wird angeboten von Acem International School of Meditation

Kursnummer: V24309


Halvor Eifring

Generalsekretär von Acem International Professor für Chinesisch, Universität Oslo Acem-Meditationslehrer

Øyvind Ellingsen

Acem Meditation Initiator. MD, PhD, Professor of Cellular Cardiology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.