International Deepening Retreat 6 January - 13 January 2018

Kurstyp: Vertiefungs-Retreats

Dieses Retreat ist für Meditierende gedacht, die schon Erfahrung mit Langmeditation im Rahmen von mindestens einem Wochenkurs gemacht haben. Meditiert wird täglich jeweils 6 - 9 Stunden.

Bei genügend Interesse und einem anwesenden deutschen Kurslehrer kann eine deutschsprachige Gesprächsgruppe (guidance group) eingerichtet werden.



Samstag 06 Januar 2018, 18:00
Samstag 13 Januar 2018, 14:00


A deepening retreat offers the possibility to experience the full effect of Acem Meditation. Long hours of silence and process-oriented guidance groups are the main ingredients.

Typical daily programme:
0730 - 0830: Breakfast, exercise
0830 - 1600: Silence for meditation
1600 - 1630: Yoga
1630 - 1700: Pause
1700 - 1900: Process guidance
1900 - 2000: Dinner
2000 - 2130: Seminar

A deepening retreat gives you an opportunity for daily long meditations of at least six hours. The retreat will focus on how to enhance your meditation. Daily guidance groups are scheduled to maximise the results of long meditations. Questions arising from performing long meditations, along with meditative and existential topics will be covered in the evening seminars. There will also be time for walks in the beautiful surrounding areas. Daily sessions of basic Acem Yoga have a refreshing effect and facilitate the practice of long meditations.

Evening talks
Evening seminars explore the psychology of meditation and help you to enhance your meditative practice.

 Who may participate?
 Deepening retreats are for those who have:
• practised Acem Meditation regularly for at least 3 months ahead of the retreat
• at least 20 hours of long meditations beyond the 3-hour limit (corresponding to a 1-week retreat).

Course language
See the info column for details about the course language.

The venue
Acem International Retreat Centre at Halvorsbøle is situated outside Oslo in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Participants will be accommodated in single rooms, most of them with a direct view of the Randsfjord lake.

Lactovegetarian meals
The retreat cuisine is based on lactovegetarian food well suited for long meditations.

Other retreats
An International Student's Retreat and an International Summer Retreat takes place each year.


Der Kurs wird angeboten von Acem International School of Meditation


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It is also possible to register by sending a message to Acem and paying in euro by international bank transfer to:
● IBAN NO: NO8060260497238
● Recipient: Acem, Pb 2559 Solli, NO-0202 Oslo, Norway
● Bank: Nordea Bank Norge ASA, Pb 1166 Sentrum, NO-0107 Oslo, Norway
● Include the following information: Course number (to be found in the upper right corner of this page) + name of participant(s)
● Your registration will be valid upon receipt of your payment.


Rolf Brandrud

Redakteur (Norwegischer Rundfunk in Oslo) und Leiter der Konferenz Radiodays Europe

Christopher Grøndahl

Roman- und Drehbuchautor